Deco Mesh 101 anyone?

November 26th, 2011

Alternate post: Yeah, this post really is about what I had for dinner.

Turkey has been carved, KH did it all by himself, and it was DELISH.   We pulled it together it was a very nice day.  Yay us!   My Dad, brother, Rachel, IH, and I went to go see the Muppet movie after dinner.  TOOO cute!  Loved it, and it even made us cry.  *tear*

Now all of the Thanksgiving decorations have been put away and there is a 9 foot Christmas tree in my living room!   I bought a ton of red deco mesh at Hobby Lobby (50% off of course!) and  now I have to figure out how the heck to use it.

I’ll let you know how that goes.  So.  What have you been up too?

(I will try to do something more interesting tomorrow to tell ya about.  )

It was WICKED awesome–and Mega BAD.

November 15th, 2010

Guess what guys!?  I may be the only one who had not already seen it, but I got to go see WICKED last night!  It was so so, so good.  Amazing.  I got chills in at least three separate spots.  Best song?  Obviously Defying Gravity.  I went with some of my favorite people, and it was a very nice treat.  I almost got carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting in the underground parking garage with 15,000 of my closest friends, but it would have been well worth it!

The stinker I saw today was as bad as WICKED was good.  Parents, do not waste your money on MegaMind.  Oh Em Gee it stunk.  I almost fell asleep twice, The Son kept talking and wiggling (my kid will sit like a statue through just about anything) and he even predicted major plot points.  It was horrible.  I want my 16$ back.

Hupdates: Not much happens when you barely leave the house.

October 20th, 2009

1.   I tweeted on Thursday afternoon about balloon boy‘s parents trying to replace Jon and Kate as a joke, and I was totally right!

2.  After cracking jokes about the wackadoodle balloon family all weekend, my sick baby, getting sick hubby, and I (still coughing up a lung (it’s okay, I have another one.)) curled up on the couch and watched Flight of the Navigator.  Surely you see the resemblance?



My husband loved it, a blast from his past, and I thought it was okay–but in the process we helped The Son learn some new words.  PG from the eighties means you can still say buttface six times, bastard twice, and shit once.  We went over that whole, “just because someone else says it does not make it okay for you to say”, lecture again.

3.  We seriously had not seen my in-laws in weeks and we missed them!  The original plan was to go camping and then to a local carnival.  I was smart enough to cancel the camping because of the bronchitis, but thought surely I could handle a few hours of fun!  We got to in-laws’ house and I promptly fell asleep in a chair, and snored apparently.  We got to the small town festival where The Son proceeded to be beyond difficult.  He wanted to ride rides, but not wear the bracelet you have to wear to ride rides.  He refused to even go under the tent where the food was located.  He sat by himself at the edge of the tent while the rest of us ate yummy roast chicken.  I should have known what was going on, my mama instincts really are better than that.  We left because no one was having fun.  As soon as we got back to In-laws house, I crashed on the guest bed and fell back asleep.  The Son was asleep next to me in seconds.  THREE HOURS later I woke up to a fireball curled against my back.  He was so so so hot.  Sent The Husband out for baby Motrin and as soon as The Son swallowed…he barfed grape Motrin all over me.  MMiL got everyone cleaned up and had changes of clothes for us, but needless to say it was just not a great visit.   We will make it up to you soon MMiL.

4.  The Son has been spiking fevers for the last four days.  Every morning I thought he was on the mend, only for that freaking fever to pop back up around nap time.  We finally made it into the pedi today after waiting for two days worth of H1N1 infected children to grubby up the place first.  We decided to decline the antibiotics for what is probably a virus, he is on the mend on his own and with the exception of a runny nose, low fever, and royally bad attitude–he is much better.

5.  My mom got hurt on their vacation.  I thought about lying and telling you  she got hurt bungee jumping or something, but the truth is she fell out of their camping van.  As soon as they returned she worked SO HARD, while hurt, for my grandparents 60th anniversary party (pictures soon)  yet we knew she really was injured pretty bad (when someone who rarely whines turns white when they stand up something is wrong) .  The day after the party she finally went to the doctor and she has a vertebral compression fracture.   Yeah, she broke her back and ignored it for eleven days.  Finally, after  many xrays, MRIs, and consultations later tomorrow they are going to inject cement into it and seal the fragments together, supposedly bringing immediate relief.   We have really not seen her much since we quarantined ourselves, but tonight when out for more movies and orange juice, The Son saw balloons, and insisted we buy one to make Grammy feel better.  He wanted to buy her an eight dollar Hannah Montana balloon, but thankfully acquiesced to a two dollar bright yellow smiley face instead.  We brought it to her without contagious hugs or kisses and quickly left. I hope it helps, but I think our prayers (yours too) will do a better job.

6.  I have been working hard on the best Halloween costume ever for The Son.  He is going to be his Great Pappaw Huckablog.  More details on it (and my costume too!) to follow.

10 Things I Think You Should Know.

June 2nd, 2009

1.  Up is a darn fine movie.  I give it four great big shiny stars….unless you are under the age of  seven.  If you are under the age of seven, then first off, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be over here instead?  Secondly, Up is much too scary for you.  And too sad.  Really it is just a whole year’s worth of therapy sessions  you will have to pay for later in life, and you don’t need that, you should be cushioning your IRA instead.  Then maybe you can help pay for The Son’s therapy because his parents took him to see this movie, and he spent 120 minutes asking if it was “real scary” or “pretend scary”,  or if those were good dogs or bad dogs, or if that old lady was sick, or….  Yeah, it is not a good movie for a preschooler.

2.  If you feed your family a dinner of popcorn served in a washtub, a bag of Reese’s Pieces which needs its own zip code, and a coke big enough for Michael Phelps to do laps in–you are probably going to have to ingest nothing but sprouts and glacier water for a month to make up for it.

3.  You should be prepared to hear comments when you go into public wearing a bikini top with jeans, such as “Mama, she needs to put on a shirt to cover up her Nur-Nurs!”

4.  Just because a stuffed gorilla wearing a captain’s hat and named Tennille has been in your two year old’s room since birth does not mean all of a sudden it is not scary.  It could even be considered so scary the gorilla must be removed from the premises before any sleeping can take place.

5.  My son is a swimming prodigy.  He is going to get bumped up to the guppy class from the seahorse class because he can blow bubbles and kick at a four year old level.  I am currently making room for his gold medal in my china cabinet.

6.  We belong to a supper club and one of its goals is to let the hostess each month show off her culinary skills.   We are hosting it at our house on Friday night and I have absolutely no intention of cooking.  Isn’t that is the purpose of take out?

7.  The Husband and I have found a new show on Hulu and love it, even though it is completely sadistic.

8.  Shoeshe spent the weekend with us and The Son has not stopped asking when she is coming back since she left.   She also would not give me her cute flip flops with Alma Mater’s logo even though we are the same size and she can totally buy a replacement pair because she WORKS there.

9.  My new dentist is freaking gorgeous.  Like movie star gorgeous, and even though my taste runs much more towards the adorable computer geek genre, I hate he always sees me with a blue paper bib around my neck.

10.  Today tickets were purchased for The Son and I to fly to New York and Pennsylvania with my parents AND grandparents for the second leg of the farewell tour.  I am actually very excited to be going, yet, certain I need to pack my crazy pills.

Monday’s watch it or watch it: The Dark Knight

August 4th, 2008

Ooh! Ooh! A guest poster! From one of my most favorite people in the whole, wide world, The Husband! He, and my dad, went on a boys night this evening. Apparently they were the last two men in the country who had not seen The Dark Knight, and The Husband got sick of waiting around on his brother to be able to go, so off he and Dad went for some male bonding. I only wanted to see it to pay tribute to Heath, and that can wait for Netflix. This is The Husband’s very first post, so everybody be nice! Take it away sweetness.

Well, tonight I went to see The Dark Knight. Yes, I really waited this long to go see it, and I was truly rewarded. The theater was virtually empty, so it was nice and cool, and totally silent.

If you are wanting to see this movie simply because Heath Ledger is in it, I urge you to think hard about that decision. Yes, he is in it….BUT you cannot tell it is him beneath the makeup and he is a totally insane, evil, crazy, twisted individual in this movie. A premovie bathroom break is highly recommended, this movie is long and there is NO lull in the action.

I always hate reading movie reviews because they might give away the plot. I’ll try not to do that, although at this point I have to be one of the few people left that hadn’t already seen it before tonight.

Ok, so basically, The Joker tricks the criminals of Gotham City into becoming what they think to be allies with him. He betrays them…all. He has no rhyme or reason behind what he does, he simply does it to see how people will react. If he has a goal, it’s quite simply to try and reduce normal people to his level and make them do things they would never think of doing.

Batman plays a hero that is at times despised by the citizens of the city, but he continues to do what is right. He bends the rules when he has to, but always restores things back to the right.

In the end, good triumphs over evil at the cost of Batman’s image. He takes the blame for some things so that Gotham can have a hero with a face.

Hopefully that’s not too much of a spoiler for you, if it is, oh well. I warned you.

Watch it or Whine: Wall-E

July 8th, 2008

The first movie we ever took The Son to go see was Horton Hears a Who. He liked it okay, but was going through a phase where every time he saw a bird he crowed like a rooster. Horton had a large vulture that had loads of screen time, which meant that The Son spent much of the movie crowing. We gave it six months and tried again. On Saturday my dad, Gabs, The Husband and I went to go see a movie starring a futuristic tree-hugging robot with an extremely limited vocabulary. Caution: spoilers are below. Well, as much as can be spoiled by a movie with a pre-school target audience.

Earth has been abandoned because it is covered in trash, pushed over the edge by the evil mega corporation B&LWall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a trash compacter living (existing?) on earth all alone.  He has been busy working, hoarding, and watching Hello Dolly.   One day a shiny giiiirl robot lands. Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) They hook up robot style.  She finds a plant and goes into lock down.  Eve is then zapped up by a spaceship and is followed by Wall-E.  They are taken to a cruise ship that contains all of the ancestors of the humans that abandoned earth.  They have all gotten so fat they can’t walk, and live in front of mobile TVs. Skip forward an hour’s worth of hiding and chase scenes, They go back to Earth and recolonize based on the finding of that one teeny weeny weed.  Wall-E and Eve hold hands and robot kiss.

The Son stayed still through most of it, he seemed to like it alright. My Dad really liked it, (I guess he just chose to ignore the liberal agenda behind it?) and Gabs, The Husband, and I were moderately entertained.  If I could do it over, I would say Netflix this one, and save it for the pre-school left wing set. Oh, and their Grandpas.

2 and a half starry thumbs up or whatever.  Not a Watch, or a Whine, but an Eh.

Watch it or Whine: Get Smart

June 24th, 2008

The Husband and I went on a DATE this weekend. I ate dinner without a single person throwing food on me. I had a lovely conversation that was not interrupted by “Do you need to Go Potty?” once. Oh, and I missed my baby SO BAD! When we picked him up on Sunday he said “Hey Mama!” and his face lit up and he had dimples so deep I contemplated growing geraniums in them. I scooped him out of his Pappaw’s arms and took him to their guest room where I proceeded to surgically reattach his umbilical cord. Hah! That is the last time he gets away from me.

To distract myself from the fact that I would have to fill the gas tank to get to my baby, The Husband and I went to go see Get Smart. Have I ever told you about how I feel about Steve Carell? I ADORE HIM. I could watch The Office as a non-stop marathon. Every week. I think he is just so cute, and smart, and lovable, and ahhh *swoon* geeky guys are so my thing. (Have I ever mentioned that The Husband is a computer geek? Lucky me!) *Reeling it back in over here* When I was about thirteen, JHJ and I would walk home from school, make milkshakes and turn on Get Smart. We must have watched every episode at least three times, and it was one of the few shows that we would agree on. As soon as I heard about the Get Smart movie I knew that Steve Carell + 1960’s Camp = A Happy Hey You. Caution: THE FOLLOWING MAY (WILL) CONTAIN SPOILERS! If you don’t want to know then just be assured that I liked it and go see it yourself.

Maxwell Smart apparently used to be a fatty. He drops a ton of weight and aces the test to be a field agent, through a series of events he winds up on a dangerous mission with the ever winsome Agent 99. Anne Hathaway did an admirable job, although I did miss 99’s slinky, low, and sugared “Oh, Max”. She also was much too young, but ya know cougars and all that. They had much better chemistry than I expected, and both had great comic timing (like Stevie Baby could have anything but). There is one scene where they are doing a tango with other partners that will be a classic forever, the rest of the movie be damned. My favorite parts were the ones where they re-visted the classic gags, and this is not the most realistic action movie I have seen, but it was not trying to be Bond or Bourne, it was a loving tribute to the original. It was light, breezy, and fast paced. Alan Arkin is another favorite of mine because of his role in Little Miss Sunshine, and he nailed The Chief. I did not like the portrayal of the president, and did not care for Dwayne Wrestler Boy Johnson, but his character was for bulk, and he was admirably large.

I give it four thumbs up out of five. Or stars, or whatever. I liked it, so go WATCH IT.