August 30th, 2012

I was distracted.  I confess I was on my phone trying to juggle my million and one things going on this week.  I was sad, not at all hopeful about the arm full of prescriptions I had in the car.   I was going to go here and then there and then make make it home before: fill in the blanks.    I hit HARD.   Bounced the minivan right off of our shiny new bumper into the escort in front of it.    It HURT.  Seat-belt cut into my already burdened and tight chest.   I just caused a three car accident while I was worrying about how to pay for non-essential medicine and certainly non essential Disney.   It should be mentioned that I had already used  our vacation gas money to buy our neighbors a new bumper after another careless, distracted, overly burdened morning.

I froze.  My first thought was that KH was going to be so disappointed.   He loves his new car.  He is working all the time partially to pay for this had to have, not at all luxury vehicle that he still loves.   We are two payments in.   No way can we afford to fix it.

An old man got out of the mini van.   A frazzled blonde climbed out of the civic.   She shook her head and drove off.   He glanced at his bumper and said “oh, its fine!” and was back in his car as the light turned green.

I never even unbuckled my seat belt.  It was still pressing against my chest with my heart pounding inside.   I was covered.   No damage.  Really? Three cars, hard enough that I really thought airbag would come out and NO DAMAGE AT ALL?   I was covered.

The tears started before I even crossed through the intersection.  I thanked and pleaded.  I begged and asked for forgiveness.   I drove to the pharmacy and picked up round four, knowing we would be covered one way or another.

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  1. grammy on August 30, 2012 2:42 pm

    You simply take my breath away. Glad you are safe.

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