Work of Art

November 20th, 2011

(I apologize in advance for the photography in this post, I would never put in on here if it did not show exactly what the post was about!  All photos are either from my phone or stolen from the art teacher’s facebook page.)

Do you watch  Work of Art on Bravo? If you remember, we only watch TV online, but we watch Work of Art on   Now this is not a kid show.  At all.  And yet?  IH watches it with me, and loves it.   I do screen out any nudity or sexual content obviously, but he can watch most of it.

He loves art, which is a little surprising to me, although I don’t know why.  There is a local art teacher who does preschool art classes on the weekend, and IH has attended many of them.  He is pretty good too, if I do say so myself.

This was after his Kandinsky inspired class,  I mean how cute is it that he could tell you who the first abstract painter was at four?


This one was after his turkey class, now all of his paintings have a horizon line.


He did a Frosty class yesterday and learned about silhouettes.


We talked about art last night, and I showed him some famous paintings online, and he said, “Mama, I wish I could see a Picasso for really real!”    Today we were off to the art museum.

Wish granted.


He loved it, and said that it was his second favorite painting there.  His first favorite?

A monkey in a dress.


He is still a five year old boy after all.

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