August 13th, 2009

I  spent some time with 7daytrial this week, and got to hold her yummy little morsel of newborn.  I was looking through my pictures which I took of her when I realized I never showed you how the virtual shower went!  It was…kinda weird.  The people were awesome; the food, made by JHJ and Mom, was of course delightful; decorations were good (if I do say so myself); and, the Skype worked moderately well.  But, we were definitely missing something.    Over all I would say if it is the only way to go, then by all means have a virtual shower, but be prepared to feel a little sad that you can’t hug the mama to be.

There was a theme, because there always should be a theme.   I chose polka dots after seeing so many dotty things on 7daytrial’s registries.  There were many dots at the party.  MANY DOTS.  Really, this theme thing is an illness with me, I should probably seek professional help.

I opted to cut and tape circles on the front glass storm door instead painting them.  You would have thought I learned a lesson from the huge duck feet I painted on our driveway for The Son’s first birthday (they have  just now totally faded away), but no–it took hours of scraping painted spider webs off of the door to teach me.  There are STILL partial golden spider webs, I think it will be easier just to buy a new door.


The Skype.  Pros: It was free.  We could see and hear each other.  It could have been worse.  Cons:  There was a lag.  Several times they just froze and we could hear talking but could not see what was happening.  It took some set up.

When we took our Trans-Atlantic cruise a couple of years ago there were these people in the computer lab complaining about how horribly slow the Internet was and they wanted to check their email RIGHT NOW.  I just remember thinking how nuts they were, did they not realize how awesome it was that technology had come so far as to allow them to check their friggin’ hotmail from the MIDDLE OF THE STINKIN’ ATLANTIC OCEAN!  Yeah, that’s how I feel about Skype.   It was pretty cool–but I am spoiled.


JHJ said his friends would not play my stupid baby shower games.  I was crushed.  Not play games?! What a travesty.  I snuck a couple in anyway and they were well received, especially the yo-yoing (more spots, I really need to be medicated).


We almost always have Stacey do our cakes, but JHJ made the cupcakes–and they turned out grand.  I had several, but the next day The Son took the tupperware I was storing them in, flipped it upside down and played the drums.  We then licked all of the icing off of the lid.  Is  that over sharing?

Usually when I go the extra mile to hand make something for a party, it is worth the effort.  In the case of cupcake toppers — I should have just bought them.  They were hard, and did not look as good as I had hoped.


More polka dots for the banner.  We shipped a matching one to Las Vegas–don’t ask JHJ how much that cost.  He will cry.    Lesson learned?  Make and ship things for your virtual shower sooner than later.  That, and UPS now owns one of my brother’s kidneys.  Dang it, that was my spare.


Food: Melon balls and roundish fruit salad,  homemade chocolate candy (make more of those JHJ!), Round tortilla chips with fresh homemade salsa, and wraps.    Easy, cheap, and looked great.


There were three kinds of wraps, turkey, ham, and roast beef– I forgot to make signs so people could tell them apart.   Some of  The Son’s plastic farm animals were obliged to assist.


But, the best part was the people who came-came to show their love for 7daytrial, and shower her with lovely gifts, and rejoice in new life.   I love baby showers.





Pictures of 7daytrial’s little girl coming soon.

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  1. Karebear on August 14, 2009 7:42 am

    Too cute. I think you really had too much fun here!

  2. Dotty at TheHuckablog | on August 14, 2009 11:18 am

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  3. ShoeShe on August 14, 2009 12:41 pm

    So, we’re thinking of doing an “Office” spoof as a video for the Office of Admissions. Do you have any themed ideas for me…or scenes we must include?

  4. JHJ on August 15, 2009 6:31 am

    ShoeShe: Not a theme idea, but if you play any games (May I suggest Flonkerton?), the teams have to be Gryffindor and Voldemort!

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