The Poky Little Party

October 2nd, 2008

Do you know why it took me a month to post pictures of The Son’s second birthday? Because I thought it would be a good idea to give all of the little party guests dog collars with their names on them. That means I had to photo shop each and every one of the 200 pictures to blur out peoples names. Fun times. Now that I FINALLY finished, there was no way I could post them all here without boring the bejebus out of people who do not care about looking at that many pictures of a two year old’s party, so if that is all you want –skip to the bottom of the post and there is a montage for you.

We had two separate parties for The Son this year, and the overall theme for both was, “Your parents are poor.” For his actual birthday we had family only over for a Thomas the Tank Engine party. I spent exactly zero dollars on decorations. Okay that was a lie, I bought one mylar Thomas balloon that still has not deflated. I am giving it another week and then it is just going to disappear. I took a red sheet we already had and used it as a tablecloth, used a piece of blue felt as a runner, and then took a large toy train and used it as a centerpiece. I added blue and red streamers and set Thomas books and trains all over. Somehow not a single picture got taken of this, all we got were fifty shots of The Son playing with his new train table. (which, by the way, I got the best deal EVER on. I got it and all of the track for FIVE DOLLARS at a yard sale, I added it all up on Amazon and it is over $250 dollars worth of trainstravaganza.  All I had to do was refinish the top and give it all a good scrub down.  It looks brand new.  This made buying the expensive trains much more doable.) I made the cake, and decorated it at 2:30AM, so it is good there are not really any pictures of it.

We had his real party a week later at a local park, which I loved, because I did not have to clean my house at all. Here are his invitations, the second picture is the inside obviously. I was all OCD about the invites, they took hours, but did turn out pretty darn cute if I do say so.

For decorations we made a dog house facade of plywood, and put it in front of a pop-up tent, then filled it with blankets and stuffed dogs. The kids LOVED this part.

I just used paper green tablecloths (would you laugh at me if I told you I returned the first batch of tablecloths because they did not match the grass in the book?) on the picnic tables, and put stuffed dogs on top to hold them down. I found tiny little silver dog bowls at the dollar spot at Target, and ShoeShe used a paint pen to write each child’s name on them. My original idea was to fill them with puppy chow (subbed soy butter for peanut butter so it was toddler friendly), and use them as party favors, but we ran out of plates(oops!) so they all got used for fruit and cake.

I also took parts of a playground that we recently tore down at church, and made it look like a picket fence, then posted signs identical to the ones in the book. This was so cute and FREE! The only other decorations were dozens of different shades of blue balloons that I floated in the rafters of the park pavilion to look like the watercolor sky in the book, but somehow there are no pictures of that either. For favors I took balloons and tied them to a stuffed dog, and the kids got those, their dog bowls, collars and dog ears.

My plan was as soon as the kids got to the party they would sit down and color their dog ears, these were pieces of white foam pre-cut that were then glued to cheap headbands. While they were doing that, I would be pinning on collars I made for them of foam and felt, I spent forever doing this and most of the kids left on the collars for just a couple of minutes. I also had planned to paint their faces like little dogs, but only a couple of kids would let me. Lessons learned….two is too young for a lot of party activities still.

They still looked mighty cute in their ears and collars.

In my plans, after they were all doggied up, everyone would eat (hotdogs, chips, dip, fruit, and puppychow), and then we would have story time. I would read the Poky Little Puppy, and then pull out all of the things that the puppies see and smell. (You should have seen how cute the grasshopper Shoeshe made was) The kids were interested for two pages. Then they started randomly pulling things out of the box. I stand by the idea of story time, I think if we had let them run off energy at the playground first, it would have worked better. I did not even bother trying to get them to play the games I had planned, they just wanted to run around. I had planned on playing Poky, Poky, PUPPY! (think duck, duck, goose) and red rover, red rover.

The cake, however, the cake was perfect. Look at this people, have you ever seen anything so cute? It told the whole story, AND tasted good.

My planned agenda may have completely fallen through, but it was still a great party.

4 Responses to “The Poky Little Party”

  1. ShoeShe on October 2, 2008 8:24 am

    The Poky Little Puppy party was great! The pictures don’t really do it justice, because it was another stroke of Hey You’s genius. It was quite possibly the most adorable toddler party I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen bunches of those…when you’re as old as me and single…i.e. no kids…people tend to recruit you to help with their parties, because you won’t have anyone to chase). Hats off to the Huckablog family on a great party.

    Oh, and don’t stress over the details (like the ears and collars…or the games). I mean how many toddler birthday parties do you remember going to (AS A TODDLER)? I only remember one, and it was because everyone cried because they were scared of my mom’s best friend who dressed up as Vicko the Clown (her real name is Vicki, so it worked). I LOVED Vicki, and we even looked a little bit like each other, so when we went out, people thought I was her kid. Nevertheless, it was my second birthday, and I knew that Vicko was really Vicki, but none of the other kids knew that, so they all screamed for the duration of the party (i.e. headaches for all the adults). Then I got a little upset, because it was my party and everyone was crying. I didn’t understand why they didn’t want to play the Grand Prize Game like I always watched on Bozo. My mom even had cool prizes for each bucket, but nobody would play, because Vicko was too close to the game.

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  3. Cheri on June 1, 2009 12:55 pm

    Had to come over here from Cake Wrecks. You’re my hero! Poky Little Puppy is my all time favorite book from when I was a child. Your party brought tears to my eyes. I turn 40 this summer and I’m telling you that I am SERIOUSLY considering throwing myself a PLP shindig. I don’t think I’ll ever get a cake as good as yours, but the rest? Oh, I can do that!

  4. Liz on June 1, 2009 1:05 pm

    Got here through CakeWrecks also, this was one of my fave books and the cake captured everything so well. Thanks for the smiles and happy memories!

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