Let them eat cake.

September 7th, 2008

Today I found out that the world’s best cake lady, Stacey, has been reading TheHuckablog! She has done almost every cake we have needed for the past three years or so, and does the best work I have EVER seen.  I can’t link to her site because it would be like not only telling what town we live in, but handing you a map.  So if you think you live in my area and you want her info, email me and I will give it to you. Er, I did not ask her before just posting that, so if she is all like “Whaa? I do not want to be bombarded with cake requests from Hey You’s readers!” I will not give you her contact information.

Here are a couple of my favorite cakes she has done for me.  The first is for my SIL’s trashy lingerie shower, and the second is from The Son’s baptism.  Now, that is range people.

We had The Son’s 2nd birthday party today, and I did not take a single picture. Other people did though, so as soon as I collect them from other people’s cameras I will post them. Stacey made The Son a Poky Little Puppy cake, and it is my favorite cake she has ever done for us. A large portion of cake was eaten at the party, but we still had a good chunk to bring home. I cut some for BIL, and for MMIL and FFIL to take to their various abodes, and left the rest sitting on our bar. The Son asked for some at 8:30, right before bed, so of course I said no. We were all sitting around talking before people went home, and we hear a thud from the kitchen. That little monkey reached up and pulled the cake off of the bar. It was face down on the floor, and he was grabbing handfuls of cake and shoving them in his face. Good thing we all had our fill at the party.

The following site is quite possibly one of the funniest sites on the internet, and that is saying something, because I have seen a lot of funny crap on the internet people. Cake Wrecks is a must read. I insist you go to this site and look at every single picture. Remember how you thought this was funny? Yeah, that, only better. Today my stomach is sore because Shoeshe and I laughed so hard last night while looking at the site. My favorite is the High Heel/High Hill cake. Oh, and the fireman! No, it has to be the Braveheart cake. Oh, and the bride! Never mind. The whole site is awesome. Stacey, you will never have to worry about seeing one of your cakes here.

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